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Conquer the west, Ashish Shrestha

Dear Ashish, immense love..

Even before starting this letter, I have this thought that you are going to find this letter incredibly boring and funny (funny not because it is humorous but because I act childish each time). I know you would not even completely read this and perhaps, that's the exact reason that I won't be sharing it to you directly. This makes me realize that I am writing this letter not for you but for myself.
I do not know how to start but let's go with how it should be. Many congratulations that you are going to the US for your Masters program and I hope you return with a PhD too. I know you will do good as you have always been that hard working guy who would push to strive for betterment with every stride. I have no doubt that you will prove to yourself that how laborious you are. Funny how I used the term 'prove to yourself' whereas anyone who do not know you would go with 'prove to others'. During this long friendship, what I have know…