Beloved's plea

'Tell me something good',
she whispered in my ear.
I looked at the glimmering stars 
and the glistening moon. 
As I was about to tell the words,
she stopped me. 
She pressed her fingers against my lip. 
Totally zipped it up. 
'No, not the stars or the moon. 
Move out of those', She said. 
And then she smiled.
She knew how I would tell her about
the stars, the moon and the perfect serenity.
She knew those were coming. 

'Tell me something good', she said.
I looked at her slowly. 
Her fluttering eyes, her artistic lips, her gorgeous smile... 
As I was about to tell the words, 
she stopped me. 
She zipped my lips again.
She knew I was about to mention
how beautiful she was. 
'Forget that too', she said. 
the same mysterious smile on her face. 

What a dilemma!
'What should I say? 
What does she want me to tell?' 
All these things twirled in my mind. 
'Tell me som...'.
I pulled her closer
And locked our lips.
I stopped her this time.
And my tongue did all the talking
at the quietest of nights.
I told her, without any words,
something she wanted to listen.

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