Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Nothingness hovering, emptiness all around
but memories of you fill the life
you are not here, there is no sound
but your feelings within are rife

No perfume of your in the air
neither your laughter has rung
but I have always sensed you here
Enjoyed your thought like a sweet song

Your warm breath is no way near
But I can feel your affection within
Memories of you gift me a tear
And also the lovely sudden grin

It matters not how vacant is the place
or without you how my heart is pounding
Always in my mind you’ll spread the grace
Forever you will be the angel of my surrounding  


  1. A complete poem. The words used are very sweet and suits the poem in every manner but it lacks a touch. It lacks the ability to make a user read the poem so again. But as the effort, it's simple and very nice :)
    But the better is awaiting.
    Though, the last stanza stands very beautifully. Well done.

  2. i don't like this.gotta get a're awesome!


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