The Painful Kiss

It was a wet day and so was her eye
As she was getting ready for a final goodbye
Her body was numb and she was so lost
For the boy was going abroad whom she loved the most

Departure was imminent; career was important too
He requested her to be patient, all the way through
She smiled and comforted him though she wanted to cry
Also, the boy was in pain as his eyes were not dry

She feared that the things wouldn’t be the same
As the distance could make their relationship lame
Deep down she knew she was filled with pessimism
And the boy was urging her to gain some optimism

She prayed to God for the betterment of their bond
To not see him gone, she really wanted to abscond
But the time came; she had to put her heart in a knife
And said him goodbye with the painful kiss of her life
With the most painful kiss of her life……………


  1. Dami cha Bhaskare!!!

  2. Daamii chha bhaskar, BTW I 4got my blog's ID soo Commented this way ....
    Really very good poem buddy, Keep it up :)

  3. Damii bhaskar ... Liked it !!!


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