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गगनबाट असिना बर्सेझैं तिम्रा ती नयन बाट आँशु झर्दा
तिम्रा ती चोटहरुको मलम हुन सक्दिन म

जीवन को अँध्यारो पलमा तिमीले बत्तिको सहारा खोज्दा
आफु जलेर उज्यालो छर्न सक्दिन म

म त केवल तिम्रो सुखमा साथ् दिने स्वार्थी हुँ
तिम्रा दुखमा तिमीलाई ज्यान दिन सक्दिन म

भयो, मेरो सामु न आउ तिमी, नराख म बाट आशा
आफ्नो हाँसो दाउमा राखी तिमीलाई हसाउन सक्दिन म

क्षणभरमै पवनसंग बग्दै डांडा काट्ने बादल हूँ म
तिम्रा दुख पखाल्ने बर्सात दिन सक्दिन म

संसारमा मृत्युको भय बोकी म पनि आएकै छु
तिमीलाई झुटो आस्वासन दिन सक्दिन म
आफु मरेर तिमीलाई जीवन दिन सक्दिन म ll

Time changes but not the love

After all this time when I saw you, my heart beat in a faster rate. Nothingness started to subjugate me and all I could do is gaze....
I remembered the bygone, we shared, when we used to be so together. But now the time has changed, and you are with some other.
Seeing you gone, was hard for me I couldn't resist the pain Now, that you are in front of me, there is nothing to gain
I have always loved you and i will continue doing so But the person, you are with, won't be liked by me, though.
There was so much to talk about, But this was not the desired situation to be I had no words for you to start neither did you have for me
For an instance, we talked through eyes and I felt you missed me more You closed them letting the tears flow I was pinched and my heart tore
Every single drop of your tears Revealed the abundant love for me Your slow soft touch in my hand Provided a much awaited glee
Breaking the silence I dared to speak that you were as graceful as ever Subsequently turning the head away Staring the wal…