I halted in a station
waiting for the bus
There was a crowd of people
who were in a rush

I was frustrated 'n' disappointed
Glominess all around me
So hopless and helpless
I was cursing my destiny

The pessimism was ruling me
when the bus showed up
People started to overflow
having abandoned the coffee shop

With no joy, I got in
and looked around
I noticed a boy
singing in a lovely sound

I stared his innocent face
and perched beside him
his voice was so alluring
which made me forget my suffering

His singing was heavenly
it was covering my mind
But it broke my heart
to find him blind

His mother told about him
that he was blind from his birth
Insipte of that fact
he looked happiest on earth

His mama was so elated
to get him as her son
Despite the complications
he had huge ambitions

I had everything in my life
but still I was sad
Having no eye-sight he looked happy
I wonder, was he mad??

Within a short period of time
he changed my way of thinking
his eyes did nothing special
except the motivational blinking

My pessimism faded away
as I got down in the next station
I thought he was a god
who was masked as a blind person

After meeting that little boy
I learnt a vital lesson
"That success follows us
when we hold strong determination"


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