मेरा मनका मायाका लहरा
ला..............मो पारेर
चङ्गामा बाँधी
तिमी भए तिर उडाउनलाई
भिसा चाहिन्छ कि चाहिन्न होला?

अचेल नेपालका आकाशमा
खोई र चङ्गाहरु?
अब बल्ल बुझ्दै छु
ती त धागोमा होइन
मायाको लहरमा गाँसिदै
कुनै अरब, कुनै अमेरिका
कुनै युरोप र कुनै अष्ट्रेलिया
पो जाँदा रहेछन्  |

निला, छ्याङ्ग खुलेका आकाश
दशैँ आयो भन्छन् सबै |
तर म त देख्छु,
उराठ लाग्दो नाङ्गो रित्तो आकाश,
आमाबुवाको आशिष थाप्दै रंगीन खोज्ने
खाली, रित्तो निधार ..

दशैं त तब पो आउंथ्यो
जब शिरमा आमाबुवाको हात हुन्थ्यो
निला आकाशभन्दा पनि खुलेकी
आफ्नी प्रियसीको, साथ हुन्थ्यो
अनि पो दशैं,
दशैँ हुन्थ्यो ||

Conquer the west, Ashish Shrestha

Dear Ashish, immense love..

Even before starting this letter, I have this thought that you are going to find this letter incredibly boring and funny (funny not because it is humorous but because I act childish each time). I know you would not even completely read this and perhaps, that's the exact reason that I won't be sharing it to you directly. This makes me realize that I am writing this letter not for you but for myself.
I do not know how to start but let's go with how it should be. Many congratulations that you are going to the US for your Masters program and I hope you return with a PhD too. I know you will do good as you have always been that hard working guy who would push to strive for betterment with every stride. I have no doubt that you will prove to yourself that how laborious you are. Funny how I used the term 'prove to yourself' whereas anyone who do not know you would go with 'prove to others'. During this long friendship, what I have know…

रोशनलाई चिठ्ठी

प्यारो रोशन,
मुटु भरिको माया ||

पाँच वर्ष अघि मात्र मैले तिमीलाई यसरी चिठ्ठी लेख्छु भनेर भनेको भए सायद म आफैँ पत्याउँदिन थिएँ | तर आज मैले तिमीलाई चिठ्ठी नलेखी बस्न सकिन | साथीको साथी भन्दा भन्दै  आफ्नै मनमिल्ने साथी कति खेर भयौ, त्यो सोच्न जरुरी छैन किनभने तिमीलाई आफ्नो भित्री मनको कुनामा पाउनु मेरो लागि सौभाग्यको कुरा हो | तिमी, तिमी भएकोमा धन्यवाद|

आशिषसँग भेट्दा, तिमी र अंकित सधैँ साथै भेटिने भएकाले तिमीहरुसँग पनि मित्रता प्रगाढ बन्दै गयो | तिमीसँग भन्दा अझ अंकितसँग बढी भेटघाट र घुलमिल भएकाले तिमीसँग भन्दा बढी अंकितसँग लगाव थियो |  कपाल लामो पालेको, निधारमा धेरै जसो रुमाल बाँधेको अनि त्यति धेरै नबोल्ने तिमीलाई हेर्दा तिमीसँग मेरो कुरा मिल्दैन कि जस्तो लाग्थ्यो सुरुसुरुमा | फाट्टफुट्ट भेटघाटमा गहिरो मित्रता त भएको थिएन; मित्रताले गहिरो रूप त त्यति बेला लियो जब तिमी र म अन्नपुर्ण आधार शिविर गयौं | आशिष अनि अंकित दुवै नजाने भएपछी म, तिमी र तिम्रा अफिसका सहपाठीहरुसँग घुम्न जान हिच्किचाएको थिएँ | त्यतिका दिन राम्रो चिनजान नभएका मान्छे सँग कसरी जानु भनी मनमा निकै दुविधा थियो | म बरु दोस…

Grown up, dignity – down

I had just changed the school and it was my first day at my new school. As a new student, my uniform was not ready for the first day. Thus, I was in casual dress. In addition to that, I also did not possess the complete set of my textbooks. I had bought some books before the school hour and it turned out that rest of them would arrive only after a week. I was utterly disappointed. At the very first day, I had no uniform, only half text books with me and frightened to the bones as I marched towards the new school for the very first time with a long face, of course.
The first day was eventful as most of the teachers asked me about my uniform and books, as I introduced myself to them. Time ticked slow and in the third period, a giant (giant in a sense that she was tall and bulky and her high heels aided to that too) lady teacher entered the class-room. She introduced herself as an English teacher and after she shared some laughs, she started the very first lesson. It was a poem by Late …

Wayne Mark Rooney - Farewell to a Legend

Dear Wayne, it was Euro 2004 that I first got the glimpse of you. As a England fan (thanks to David Beckham for both club and country support), I was watching you (the 18 year old kid)  play for the first time as a 13 year old kid myself. As you scored two goals against Switzerland, I became your fan instantly, secretly wishing to see you in United's colour. Two months later, my wish came true and you were the most expensive teenager in Britain's history. What a signing you were.
David Beckham made me watch football and support United. But it was you, Wayne, who made me fall in love with this game. You were talented, passionate, hungry for goals, aggressive and tireless. It was such a privilege to watch you play. You were so selfless that you often sacrificed yourself for the sake of the team. You played in wings, center mid and attacking mid just to makeup the weak areas of the team. You were such a team player. Never selfish. It was pleasure to see you play. Every minute.

2 AM Musing

"I just want to tell you nothing
You don't want to hear
All I want is for you to say
Oh why don't you just take me
Where I've never been before
I know you want to hear me
Catch my breath
I love you 'till the end."

It's midnight and I really craved to listen to this song 'Love you till the end' by Pogues. I did. And, instead of mollifying my craving, there was a ripple effect. Of course, what was I thinking? There's always a ripple effect, isn't it? Especially when you are not sleeping while the world is busy dreaming. So what's the ripple effect? Holy Moly! The ripples went afar to trigger the sweet memories of Holly and Gerry. Yes, I wanted to watch P.S. I love you, all of a sudden. I was half way through when the time steadily went on to greet the 2 AM mark, but the craving is too obdurate to settle for anything. There was another craving to write in my blog. So, this is it. I am writing stuffs. Now, the craving has changed its hand…

Beloved's plea

'Tell me something good', she whispered in my ear. I looked at the glimmering stars  and the glistening moon.  As I was about to tell the words, she stopped me.  She pressed her fingers against my lip.  Totally zipped it up.  'No, not the stars or the moon.  Move out of those', She said.  And then she smiled. She knew how I would tell her about the stars, the moon and the perfect serenity. She knew those were coming. 
'Tell me something good', she said. I looked at her slowly.  Her fluttering eyes, her artistic lips, her gorgeous smile...  As I was about to tell the words,  she stopped me.  She zipped my lips again. She knew I was about to mention how beautiful she was.  'Forget that too', she said.  Again, the same mysterious smile on her face. 
What a dilemma! 'What should I say?  What does she want me to tell?'  All these things twirled in my mind.  'Tell me som...'. I pulled her closer And locked our lips.
I stopped her this time. And my tongue did all the talki…