Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Book Review: The Old Man and the Sea

The Old Man and the SeaThe Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a great story of struggle, patience and hope. It hooks the readers to the story; the characters and setting come alive in reader's mind as if they were real. Only drawback this book comprises is that it's a tad complex read for those who are not familiar to the tools and terms of fishing. I struggled a bit to have a smooth ride. Other than that, it is a fantastic read. Everyone should go through this book at least once in their lifetime.

Spoiler Alert: ( Following paragraphs contains the summary of the book):

Hemingway's last piece of fiction, 'The Old Man and the Sea' is about an old fishermen who goes 84 days without catching a fish. Abandoned by his young apprentice, Manolin (due to his parents' pressure), Santiago goes distant in search of fish. After a great deal of patience, he finally manages to have his bait on Marlin, a big beautiful fish. He struggles to keep hold of Marlin for couple of days and nights. In this period, he thinks of ball game and the young boy, dreams of African lions, talks to himself and also the fish calling it 'the brother'. Next day, he manages to stab the fish and straps it at the side of the skiff and heads home thinking about the market value of the fish.

During the journey back to home, he has to deal with many sharks as they come for Marlin. After the battle with some sharks, he argues with himself if he has created a sin by killing the fish and the sharks. As night approaches, he fails to defend and only the skeleton remains at the sunrise.

He heads home disappointed and exhausted and throws himself on the bed. Manolin as always comes and checks the old man's place and cries upon finding him safe. He brings him coffee and newspaper and they talk of fishing together. People and fishermen outside regret to find the big fish eaten by Sharks and sympathize for the old man.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016


बालापनको सपनाको भित्तो च्याती
जब बाहिरिन्छ ऊ,
पछाडि फर्केर एक थोपा आँसु झार्दैन |
ती सपनाहरु मरेका
कैयन दिन भइसके |
केवल तिनका अस्थिपन्जरले
उसलाई तर्साइरहेथ्यो;
आज ऊ,
आफ्नै 'मिठा' सपनाको संसारबाट
'उम्केर' निराश छैन |

हरेक रात बाँच्न नसकेका  सपनाहरु
न्याय माग्न उसका निन्द्रा बिथोल्छन्;
अब अर्को सपना बुन्न
उसको आत्मबल हारिसक्यो |
त्यहि पनि केहि आशा बटुली
केहि 'तरल' सपना मुठ्ठीमा कसी
भाग्य बनाउन खोज्छ ऊ |
संघर्षको हिँडाई धेरै वर्ष हिँडेपछी
हत्केला खोलेर हेर्दा -
सपना, औंलाको कापबाट चुहिएको बर्सौं भएछ |
सपनासँगै अलप हुन्छ उसका उमेर अनि रहर |
पर क्षितिजमा डुब्न लागेको घाम हेर्दै गर्दा,
उसका बुढो आँखाले धमिलो दृष्य देख्छ
आफ्ना बचेका सपनाहरुले डाँडा काट्दै गरेको |
त्यस बखत,
खुब माया लागेर आउँछ उसलाई,
उसका अपूर्ण स्वप्नहरुको |  

स्मृति २

बाल्यकालको तस्वीर, मेरो बा, उहाँको कलिलो छोरो अनि पछाडी साइकलमा सवार कान्छो दाहाल, त्यो पहेंलो तोरीबारीमा कति खुलेका । त्यो भन्दा नि ख...