Would you hug 'yourself'?

If you could hug yourself, 
would you do it? 
For the pain you feel within, 
is understood no better by others
than you. 
Have you ever cried tears of blood 
and felt that the heart is full of tears,
And you are still living, 
questioning yourself,'is this existence or survival'?
Whatever it is, you don't care. 
You see no difference. 
You don't actually see at all. 
You are blank. 
Everything is black. 
That black, which has every colour in it. 
Will you be able to find a rainbow in it?
Will you be able to find a 'lost you'?
Will you recognize your own avatar? 
Will you even try? 
When you find 'yourself', what will you do? 
Will you hug 'yourself'? 


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