Rain, Rain. Come again.

Kathmandu, 2015-06-19

Rain... Aah!! Brings out the child in you. Those days when I was just a kid, I used to get soaked in rain. I never refrained from going out and getting soaked. As I grew up, it sadly got stopped. I started looking myself from adult's perspective, society's perspective and so on. In other words, I matured. And no one needs telling what maturity brings. There was no honest and simplest eyeing of the things. The innocence was long gone and you always keep in mind what the negatives are. Fun never comes with 100% fun. There is always a certain amount of risk/negatives in fun. Always. Your way of thinking as a child vanishes. You start to think like an adult. And that's when you lose the essence of life.

What will you think when a man of around 40 runs wild in rain, happily/willingly? I bet most of us think that he is a crackhead. Not your fault. That's society's fault. That's how we grew up, that's what we are taught and heard of, that's how we will react. No society/person should ever have any objection on what you do unless it affects/disturbs them negatively.

I ran like a child in the rain happily today. At first, unwillingly. Later, willingly. Where was my will previously? It was well buried under 'what will society or he/she/they will think' rock. I ran because I was close to my home. I thought I could make it on time. But later on, the child in me got sprinkled into life. And what did I do? I took the longer road to my home. While I ran, I never thought of myself or the society or anything. I ran like a child. Every step was filled with ecstasy. Every drop of rain, made me feel more alive. Whatever tensions/problems or the troubles (big or small) I had, were out of the picture. The 24 year old Bhaskar was 10 again. I imagined myself as a child, laughing/shouting, joyous and spirited child with no front teeth. The big bump of my stomach was gone, beard, moustache and whatever made me feel adult were all gone. I saw people watching me. That did not stop me from being who I am or doing what I want.

Whenever I dance or perform silly acts like a retarded seal in my home in front of my mom, she usually says, 'how will you live your life? Grow up.' And then I sing to her, 'यसै गरी बिताई दिन्छु दुई दिनको जिन्दगी' (I will live my short life like this) sung by Narayan Gopal. 'Most people die at 25 and aren't buried until they are 75.' -Benjamin Franklin. How true is that from Mr. Franklin? What's the use of existing when you already stop living your life. Of course, living your life does not mean doing silly acts every time. But why should you refrain yourself from doing what you love or what you like?

I loved the run in the rain today. I loved bringing the child in me to life. I enjoyed this rain. I hope whenever I start to die before I live, these kind of things remind me of who I really am. That way, every cell gets rejuvenated and energizes you. Don't let society decide who you are. You are in charge of your life. You are your own architect. You can live in a cage or refuse to believe that the cage is your home.

Pic courtesy: lifehacker.com
Rain, rain. Come again.


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