Saturday, January 10, 2015

Some candles that you don't want to burn

 What if someone gifts you candles? One might argue that gifts are not meant to be burned. Fair enough. But what if your country has abundant power cut that you are compelled to light those candles in case of an emergency? To relish gifts, may well depend upon the person who gifted it. If one likes the person that gifted the presents then there is a fair chance of gifts being cherished and saved for future no matter what.

Today, as I was going through my old stuffs, I found this wonderful gift which was almost forgotten by me. Some two and a half years ago, I got a surprise gift from one of the people whom I admire the most. Yes, I got candles. Artistic, handmade beautiful candles of different shapes and sizes. There were three of them and each was equally lovely.

The candles came in a box labelled as 'To my dearest brother' and there was also a letter in it. Before I could open it, there was another message in the box - 'Smile before you open the letter'. That message never gets old. Every time, every single time, I have automatically smiled before opening it and so I will. Moreover, the letter inside is also one of the sweetest ones I have ever received.

In the letter, there is a request to not burn the candles in the loadshedding tormented hours. Clearly that's more a humour than the request. Because I needed no such appeal for that. Those candles when lit may illuminate the dark hours due to loadshedding for a moment or two but when left as they are, will illuminate my many more dark hours of the life in the future. The much needed affection, smile and warmth will be served every time I behold these candles. It's hard to believe that the unlit candles possess more power than the lit ones to lighten someone’s life.  
What does a man need? He simply needs love and a simple reminder that somewhere someone is putting all their efforts to make him happy. These candles and letter are just that. They are a reminder to me that no matter how life turns to be, no matter how fast I run, I will always be loved and I will always find someone waiting for me to share the moments. Whenever I pause in this fast paced life, looking for an inspiration, looking for that extra support or the much needed love and assurance, I will always find these unburnt candles to light up my life.

Here's to my dear sister whose candles will always light up my world without being burned. Cheers!

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