Thursday, December 25, 2014


As you come home from your work, 
all tired, 
and you smile at me
realizing that you are home, 
you look beautiful.

And when you reach for me, 
and hug me
like we have been parted for years, 
nothing seems more beautiful. 

Your warmth,
your aroma, 
your soft silky hair, 
and the taste of your lips, 
makes me realize that 
I am finally home too. 

Without your dulcet voice, 
without you being there, 
home does not feel like home. 
Your laughter, 
the sound of your anklets, 
you calling me 'baby', 
your fragrance, 
your presence, 
is my home. 

With you beside me, 
as we gaze into the night sky,
counting stars, 
I realize
"Eternity was never too short before this."

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