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Keeping My City Clean

As a kid, I used to throw the waste anywhere I liked. Whenever I had packaged foods, all I did was eat them and throw the wrappers like I was launching some kind of spaceships. I was not taught to not throw the garbage anywhere I liked or if I was taught to throw them in the dustbins/containers, I was not taught what to do if I do not find the container when I needed to throw the waste. And when I did not find any containers, boom, all I did was launch them like a rocket or tried to bend them like Beckham. And celebrated like I just won the world cup. 

One day, as I was strolling around with my brother (who is a environmentalist by profession and studies), he objected my self proclaimed heroics to become David Beckham. He taught me to not throw the wastage in the streets. He taught me how I was making my city dirty. And when I told him that there were no bins around to dispose them, he urged me to simply put the waste in my pocket or in the bag and throw them at the bin once I reached …