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Perks of a relationship?

"Life does not work that way sweetie", he told her. She continued to look outside the window, not caring what he said. He was irritated by that act of her. He knew life comprises of both happiness and sadness. But she would not listen. So, he headed outside, got inside the car and drove off. She kept staring at the distant sunset. She loved the scene.

"I don't understand the way she behaves." Rick unfolded his irritation to his mate, Marvin. "All she wants is happiness from dawn to dusk. Even the hint of sadness troubles her. She fails to understand that happiness is not the absence of problem but the ability to deal with it. There are going to be problems in life. No one baths in only merriment, do they?" Rick lit the cigarette and kept on gazing the newly formed cloud that originated from his mouth.

"Rick clearly is frustrated", thought Marvin. He grabbed the hamburger that was just brought by the waiter and gave a huge bite. He was so hu…