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The grumpy old man

It was cold day of mid December. Cloudy, dark and it seemed it would rain heavily. Mr. Hans did not need any weather forecast to carry an umbrella and a bulky warm coat. His experience was enough for him to prognosticate things. Whenever others advised him to do things which he did not feel like doing, he would have a go at them saying 'how many freaking years have you lived son? More than me? No? Then shut your mouth up'. And he would leave with a sarcastic laugh, nodding his head. No one would dare to speak to him after that. Mr. Hans predicted things quite astonishingly too. Once the radio forecasted that it would rain heavily. But Mr. Hans looked at the sky, smirked and refused to take umbrella with him. He said, 'do you really think it will rain? These dark clouds will flee to some other land with the help of winds. It will be sunny day in an hour or two. Give me my sunglasses instead'. And he marched on. And after some hours, it really was sunny and hot. Everyone…