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A plea for love

Darling, let me love you, the way I want to, the way you want me to.
let me spill all my feelings, all my love, my everything to you. Let me be the morning dew and you, be the petals of the loveliest rose. I'd touch you all over, the faintest touch of my lips, all over your soft divine skin would make you more pigmented
than you already are.

Let me tickle you and arouse you, and make you want me more. You’d try to push me away, but avert me from falling too. And I shall run wild over you,
just when your thirsty lips drag me rapidly to you.
And as I get closer to your lips,
I would see a shy smile in your rosy face.

I would hold you tightly, give you the kiss of the millennium, and you would want me more; as if the feeling is new.
My every touch, my every breath,
would make you feel more complete, like you’re discovering yourself in you, via me. Never has been your body caressed, never have you been to this utopia, as I show you the doorway to paradise, and you would not want me …