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मेरो मन

मेरो मन-
हिउँद यामको सुकेको पात,
झरी रहेछ निरन्तर,
नांगिएको अस्तित्वलाई झन् नंग्याउँदै,
बहकिंदै छ,
निरर्थक |
आफ्नो थलो छोडी,
आफ्नो कर्म भुली,
भित्र-भित्रै सुकी,
झरी रहेछ, 
कतै आएर अडिन भनी,
स्वप्न संसारमा...

हा! खुदको पहिचान भुलेर,
के पाउँदो हो यसले?
आफ्नो परिवेश त्यागी,
कुन स्वप्न खोज्दै छ यो?
उड्दा उड्दै थाकी,
कतै अडिएकै बखत
कुनै जीवको पैताला मुनि
परेको पातझैँ,
मेरो मनको

Why do I love winter?

WINTER.. I bet around half of us will shy away from this season. But I am not going to talk about any pros or cons about this season as everything has got negatives and positives. Of course, I hate certain things about winter like having to take off all my warm clothes to have a shower. Seriously? Those dear garments clinging to me and giving me such warmth are to be relinquished just to have a bath? Oh my poor knees, they tremble every time I do so. Nevertheless, the moment I start to let the warm water play with my body parts, I feel the winter is the epitome of bliss. Hence, the love-hate relation continues.

Now, coming back to the point. Why do I really love winter?

Winter is the time when one falls in love with his/her blankets. With a warm embrace of the blanket, it is heavenly to wander in the dreamland.No matter what, going away from blankets is one the hardest things to do in winter. And I am one of those who just loves to be in blanket be it day, night or morning. (Yeah, a …