Sunday, December 15, 2013

मेरो मन

मेरो मन-
हिउँद यामको सुकेको पात,
झरी रहेछ निरन्तर,
नांगिएको अस्तित्वलाई झन् नंग्याउँदै,
बहकिंदै छ,
निरर्थक |
आफ्नो थलो छोडी,
आफ्नो कर्म भुली,
भित्र-भित्रै सुकी,
झरी रहेछ, 
कतै आएर अडिन भनी,
स्वप्न संसारमा...

हा! खुदको पहिचान भुलेर,

के पाउँदो हो यसले?
आफ्नो परिवेश त्यागी,
कुन स्वप्न खोज्दै छ यो?
उड्दा उड्दै थाकी,
कतै अडिएकै बखत
कुनै जीवको पैताला मुनि
परेको पातझैँ,
मेरो मनको


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Why do I love winter?

WINTER.. I bet around half of us will shy away from this season. But I am not going to talk about any pros or cons about this season as everything has got negatives and positives. Of course, I hate certain things about winter like having to take off all my warm clothes to have a shower. Seriously? Those dear garments clinging to me and giving me such warmth are to be relinquished just to have a bath? Oh my poor knees, they tremble every time I do so. Nevertheless, the moment I start to let the warm water play with my body parts, I feel the winter is the epitome of bliss. Hence, the love-hate relation continues.

Now, coming back to the point. Why do I really love winter?

Winter is the time when one falls in love with his/her blankets. With a warm embrace of the blanket, it is heavenly to wander in the dreamland.No matter what, going away from blankets is one the hardest things to do in winter. And I am one of those who just loves to be in blanket be it day, night or morning. (Yeah, a wry smile was expected). But this is not the only reason I love winter. Being born in this wonderful land of Himalayas, the majestic views of snow covered mountains that come calling for you at this very season is nothing short of a magic.

And the most pleasing time of the winter has to be around sunset when the mother nature paints the sky with different colours. What's more refreshing than to see the greatest artist herself creating a masterpiece? It seems that the whole sky is a canvas where day after day a new paragon is created. If one can manage the time to be home from his/her tiring work brushing aside the hustles and bustles of a city, then, the stunning beauty will just be waiting for you to be grasped. Forget the workload, forget the tensions, forget the ill feelings, just be home when the sun is still around and make yourself a cup of tasty 'masala tea' and drink it slowly with the dazzling beauty of nature.I feel short of words to describe how elegant the snow covered hills look when the colours of the setting sun strikes it and makes it even more lovelier than it already is. So, how does 'the life' taste at this very moment?

स्मृति २

बाल्यकालको तस्वीर, मेरो बा, उहाँको कलिलो छोरो अनि पछाडी साइकलमा सवार कान्छो दाहाल, त्यो पहेंलो तोरीबारीमा कति खुलेका । त्यो भन्दा नि ख...