Friday, November 23, 2012

Choice Is Ours To Make

Once upon a time, there was a happy tree. He enjoyed life as birds nesting there sang songs of love, hope and glory each day and entertained him. In their soothing melody, branches and leaves of the tree danced and grooved making a sound environment. Be it sunshine or rain, they were all joyous together. Such was the magic that anyone passing by the tree, felt heaven. 
One fine day as the birds were singing mellifluously, the leaves and the branches of the tree spread such glee that the air roaming around that very area hurled entirely towards the tree to experience the seventh heaven. But unfortunately, the air accelerated so swiftly that it ended up plucking one of the leaves from the tree. Seeing that, the birds stopped their tune and the tree got into the misery as one of the members was gone, forever. Comprehending the situation, the air apologized and  continued its duty to flow taking the detached leaf with it.
On the Other side, the leaf understood that his time was over. He saw his family in pain and same was the case in his side too. But he quickly managed to understand that going back was impossible for him. So all he thought to do was live the limited time he had. He had two choices to make; either live the remaining moment with all he had or  waste the time by crying over the inevitable .  In the end, he chose to live the remaining moment. He embraced what he had and enjoyed flowing with the air. For the first time in his life, he was so free that he could travel, he flew. He was not fixed at one place, he could see the different horizon, colorful fields, magnificent streams and varieties of trees. Obviously, he missed his family but to keep weeping remembering them was being foolish. So as he approached his last breath and descended from the sky, he remembered and sang the songs that the birds used to sing, he imagined the moves he made with his family and felt the pleasure within and with a smile he rested in peace. 
Same as the leaf, we (humans) experience the change far too many times. Often, it is not pleasant. Most of us do not want the change , we usually do not want our comfort zone to alter. But change is the only permanent thing we know. Either we want or not, we should experience it. So, instead of cursing the change, we should be wise enough to not waste the hidden opportunity. Every moment we get is a gift. We should be wise enough to spend it on things that matter. Simply dwelling on unhappy things is just a waste. In the above story, the detached leaf chose to spend his time on happy things rather than dwelling on unhappy things. It’s not what we have got; it’s what we do makes a difference. After all, Life is about choice. We can choose to be a victim or anything else we like to be. Smile 
Make it a GREAT day!

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