Grievous Separation

A horrific thunderbolt
hit me right at my chest.
Oh! what an assault.
A hundred carafes of poison
the thousand rounds of bullets
would have hurt less
than the pain it caused
you abandoned me.

I tried to deal with it.
‘Move on’,
I urged my inner me.
‘I am not a loser.
Quitting is never an option’,
I tried to pacify the anguish.
It did not aid.
The palpable twinge
troubled more;
aww! my delicate heart.

To sweep away the woe,
I pact with the booze.
Every sip of the nasty tipple
ousted heavy flood
from my shuddering eyes.
I could tell you , love,
that was quite a sight.

Still the heart pounding,
the excruciating truth,
still unsolved.
I banged my liquor’s glass
in sheer dismay.
Sane enough to halt
the bleeding from the wound,
I searched the bandage.
Sadly, the wound was in heart,
Tissue would not help.

 - Bhaskar Dhakal


  1. nice theme...
    but poetic nabhayera hola....poem bhitra nai dubna sakena...
    keep up...

  2. feelings scattered, lack of depth in poem yet words used are quiet bold. Not a complete poem but would have been alot more better.
    Keep it up :)


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