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I was nearly there at the pinnacle of the world. 8,848 meters seemed some inches away. It was quite an achievement. I could finally smile with the snow eaten lips. No they didn’t hurt but gave me the impression of a true achiever. As I reached the apex of the globe, the first word I yelled was ‘EVEREST.’ Yes, Mt. Everest. I did it when the rest of the world doubted in me. Hell yeah, I was on cloud nine and it felt exceptional. I closed my eyes in unimpeachable satisfaction. All I heard was my best song (you raise me up) playing in the background. ‘You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains’, was what one of the lines said which was very exact there. That was quite a moment. I opened my eyes.
‘Gosh!’ I screamed. I was in bed and that very song was set by me as an alarm in my iPod. Aw! My dreams shattered in pieces in just a jiffy. I sneered at myself.
‘5:00 AM, time to jog my friend’, I suggested my inner me. Within fifteen minutes I was all ready to dance down the muddy lanes of Kathm…

The World So Vain

Why does this heart beat?
Why do the trusted ones cheat?
Even though you know,
you are going to be betrayed..
Even though you know,
your trust is going to be slayed,
you keep on caring and loving them
BUT your love is never understood
Alas! What a shame!!
Despite that,
you keep supporting at their need
to grow their happiness, u sow the seed
but when the time turns so benign
and you are almost ready to sing,
they stab you ruthlessly at your back
making you ponder what your love did ever lack?

You are now all alone
they don’t give a damn to you
But still,
your heart beats for them
Oh! What a shame!!