Free your mind, relax your soul
Relish the present, forget the bygone
Open up; identify the colors in the space
Be hopeful and Make the most out of your existence
Let the sun shine on you; take a bath in light
Feel the energy; kick the impossibilities out of sight
Chase a butterfly and listen to the birds chirping,
How wonderful is their tone and the singing.
Let yourself loose with the flowing rill
Touch the serenity of a sea; tell me how do you feel?
Watch the flowers blossom and lose yourself on the fragrance
Set your foot out, embrace the rain and dance
Let the wind tickle you and provide you the bliss
Notice the glow on your beloveds’ face when you give them a kiss
Don’t curse the dark, it bestows you the moon and the star
Light the candles instead, push your terrors far
Enjoy the life as if there is no tomorrow
Be positive and you will discover no sorrow
Unearth the splendors, they are all around you
You smile to the world and the world will smile to you


  1. every lines in the poem are so delicately motivating.
    I'm saving this on my phone so I cud read it so again =)
    Cheers to this world, cheers to ur effort & cheers to every single optimistic writers !!!!


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