There was nothing unusual in her birth
She was born in the same way like everybody on earth
Unfortunately, she got birth as a daughter of poor
She was left illiterate, unskilled and that was sore

She couldn’t do anything when there was nothing to eat
Hunger thrashed her into pieces; she could feel that heat
But still she would’ve denied selling her precious body
If only she was the only offspring and there was nobody

What a pity! She was the eldest spawn of her begetter
And there were other two siblings she should look after
It was a curse that her mother died when they were so young
And because of that they had a tiny wisdom of ‘right and wrong’

The only elder she had was her father who was ignorant
He often gambled and he didn’t care of his children
In such a case she had no option but to be happily raped
For she brought smile on her sisters’ face with the money she did get

Burning her own desire she fulfilled the desires of other men
She sacrificed her life for her sisters, well embracing the pain
In spite of being that great, the society was constantly rude
The so called ‘rich ones’ detested and called her ‘a bloody prostitute’

She was not defeated at all; she was still strong to stand alone
For she had to earn to not see her siblings’ wishes being blown
The only joy she had was at least her sisters would live a respected life unlike her
But one fine day she was shattered to see a client in a brothel with her sister
This time her world crashed down utterly and she lived in agony ever after..ever after


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