Vexed by the world around me
Doomed in the hustle and bustle
Embarrassed with the loneliness
Saddened with the shrewdness of people
Upset with the surrounding; I cry

Stuck in the chaos all around
Fed up with the life I am living
Abandoned in the world of agony
Desperate to gain some sympathy
Searching the peace and love, I flee

I elope to avoid the hurdles
I leave behind the ruthless place
I lurch to the cliff of a hill
Peace is what I want to feel
From the top, I see beauty far below
Craving to embrace the charm,
I want to jump very low

In the meanwhile, the wind blew
Caressing me from head to the toe
I felt heaven for the touch was tender
Ages after, I was moved with the splendor
The wind drove away the cloud,
Both from the sky and my mind
Now the sun shone best on me
Refreshing the thoughts, my realm became sunny

I forgot the pain buried within me
The world smiled spreading the glee
I saw charm all over the territory
I watched butterflies swaying merrily,
The feeling rose, as if I were a flower
I felt special, I got power.

Amazing power bred within me
All fears gone, all melancholy omitted
There was a relief, I felt light-hearted
No feelings of lonesomeness
Most of all, I had a smile in my face
Now I don’t want to die, I want to live again
I want to throw away the pain and dance in the rain….
Dance in the rain………….


  1. very optimistic poem with very nice flow of words... As a whole really good but for me the ending lines came all of a sudden with abit not likely the other final lines of the above stanja.
    Anyway gr8 job.
    Really gud (3.6-3.8)/5


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