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John and his dear Granny

“Granny, look what my friend brought; a brand new PSP,” Little John rushed towards his grandmother’s bed with a big smile in his face. He was very joyful that he finally got the merchandise that he desired for. With the pocket sized silver coloured gadget, he went much closer to his Granny. But there was no reaction from her. “Granny!!”, he shouted with fear. With great difficulty she opened her eyes and gazed. Her eyes were watery and they seemed tired as if she has worked all night long. Her hair was messed up and lips were dry. The wrinkles on her face were more evident and the face was swollen. She looked bluish. The merriment John had in his eyes just vanished within a second for he had never seen his granny look more pathetic than that. He was frightened. He continued staring. ‘My dear Johnny’, she called him with sheer love. She knew that he was frightened of her condition. ‘Come sit with me.’ With trembling feet he walked closer and sat beside her. She held his hands and asked, ’F…

भगवान कहाँ छन्?


अबमैलेपनिबुझीसकें यीफगतढुंगारहेछन् कसैलेयिनलाईदेवताकहेछन्

भगवानभएपुकारसुन्थे असहायकोदुखहर्थे ढुंगाछन्मन्दिरमामस्त अरुयिनकैपुजामाब्यस्त