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Motivating the son

After you came to the world, my sweet little son.. I taught u how to walk Now you are ready to run
Life is not very easy, hey, You will find hurdles in your way…
You were as little as five pounds, when I first lifted you.. You could reach the summit, That’s the only thing I knew.
Now the moment has come, to rumble by your own Never go off the track which I have always shown
Papa, papa you used to query, “When will I be as big as you?” With a big smirk in my face, being proud, I used to cuddle you
You’ll know one day when you become a father, Having a son like you is eternal glee to gather.

When you first failed in the class, you were so afraid of me. But I never lost my patience with you for your intelligence is all I could see.
Come; show the world you can shine at your best I will be your inspiration but you will have to do the rest