Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Motivating the son

After you came to the world,
my sweet little son..
I taught u how to walk
Now you are ready to run

Life is not very easy, hey,
You will find hurdles in your way…

You were as little as five pounds,
when I first lifted you..
You could reach the summit,
That’s the only thing I knew.

Now the moment has come, to rumble by your own
Never go off the track which I have always shown

Papa, papa you used to query,
“When will I be as big as you?”
With a big smirk in my face,
being proud, I used to cuddle you

You’ll know one day when you become a father,
Having a son like you is eternal glee to gather.

When you first failed in the class,
you were so afraid of me.
But I never lost my patience with you
for your intelligence is all I could see.

Come; show the world you can shine at your best
I will be your inspiration but you will have to do the rest

When you used to chuckle,
I got rid of my gloom.
On hearing your dulcet voice,
It made my Happiness bloom

Since you are approaching the teenage,
Now it’s your turn to ponder and gaze
It’s the time to shoot for your goal
Just believe in yourself and roll
No matter what, I trust you my son
I taught you to walk, now be ready to run…….

स्मृति २

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