Tuesday, November 23, 2010


“I love you, love”

“I love you more, sweetheart”

They hugged each other feeling the seventh heaven in each other’s arm. It was certain that their first kiss was coming. They looked at each other’s eyes. She appeared confident while he (Micheal) seemed a little shy as this was his first kiss. He blushed but he held his nerve and went on to experience the bliss.

“Tring…zzzzzzzzzzz…..Tring/………..zzzzz ………..Tring”The cell phone on the table started to sing and dance. “Oh Jesus!” he cried, wiped his eyes and glanced the clock-8AM. He hastily picked the phone up. “Hello……………” (Phone disconnected)He smiled. “Wow”, he said remembering the dream he dreamt about his first kiss. He gasped and talked to himself,”Micheal dude, You better get dressed up and hurry.”


Moon was shining at its best proving it was a full moon night. Dogs were barking and the sound of a metal from the workshop nearby was distinct. A crowd of teenagers were partying around when the clock exactly struck 11 PM. But these things hardly drew any attention of Micheal as he was busy in his own realm. He was active in one of the chat rooms as he liked to make new friends. That day was as common as previous days because he was not finding anyone of his type. Most of the people of the chat room emphasized on advertisement or pornography. His zeal was fading away and he was somehow exhausted of that.

“Phew”, he sighed glancing the wall clock. Making new friends was his hobby but it seemed he had no luck on finding the kind of friend he was longing for. Irritation conquered him and he closed his eyes in anguish.

“Ding”, the alert sound of the chat startled him. He opened his eyes and stared the monitor. There was a private message from a girl named Sharah. He hustled and read the message, ‘Hello Micheal.’ 

He smiled and comforted himself. That was the initiation of their friendship. Days, weeks and months passed and they got closer and closer. Both started to trust each other in a magical way. They shared things and laughed together though they were far from each other.  Micheal, citizen of USA and Sharah, a British proved no distance is greater for a friendship. Micheal started to fall over Sharah. From the day he met her, he stopped entering the chat rooms. He felt complete after the friendship with Sharah. Micheal, who was living a monotonous life, started to live a joyful life. He gained his smile back. Sharah’s words always urged him to be a better person. He developed positive thoughts and he discovered the splendor of life. Dreaming her every now and then was his daily schedule. He fell in love with her yet he feared to say it to her.

“Hadn’t we met that night, what would have happened?” he asked to Sharah with all the guts one night.

“We were destined to meet, Micheal; if not that day, we would have met another day.” she replied.

That made him so jubilant. He took the long breath and continued, “I never saw you before in that chat room, how did you come that particular night?”

For the moment, silence ruled the time. Micheal’s heart beat started to increase. He didn’t know what to do?

“Micheal, I split with my boyfriend that day. I was so lonesome and heartbroken that I needed something to distract myself from that chaos. So I entered the chat room in search of a friend who could help me to get rid of the havoc.” She replied after a long pause.

Micheal was stunned. He closed his eyes and took a long breath. That night, they conversed for so long as Sharah thanked Micheal for being with her in her hard times and making her smile. After that, Micheal pondered all night long. He could not stop thinking about her. He really loved her. But he was in dilemma whether to propose her or not after knowing about her completely. With the hope of dreaming her, he closed his eyes that night.

“Dear Micheal, You were the one who dragged me out of the world of turmoil. You pulled me into your world where you gave me every possible happiness. After I met you and got to know you, I started to smile and I gradually kept on forgetting my chaos. You showed me the light in my gloomy world. You were always sweet to me and made me smile whenever I was depressed. I like you Micheal, I really do. Yours Sharah”

Micheal was astounded to see the email, next day. He could not believe his eyes. He pinched himself, but it was a reality. “Wow” he shouted in joy. He got what he wanted. He replied her describing all the feelings he had towards her. He felt as light as air. 


Sharah called her last week and gave a surprise that she was coming to USA. Finally, the special day for Micheal had arrived. It was already 8.15 AM in the clock and he had to reach the airport to pick her at 9.00 AM. So, he jostled to pick his love. On the way, he remembered how his life ‘U-turned’ after he fell in love with Sharah. She came as an Angel in his life who spread light and happiness in his overcast life. Her love urged him to be a better person by making him believe in self.
The plane landed after he reached the airport. He was so anxious to see her. He kept on stretching his neck to catch the first glimpse of her. 

After a while, a gorgeous lady in lily white with a magnificent smile appeared. She too was very eager to see her best buddy. As soon as their eyes met, they hustled and embraced each other so tight that they felt paradise in each other’s arm. Few drops of tear rolled down their cheeks because they were experiencing the supreme joy. They were both so ecstatic to be with each other. After some refreshment, Micheal took Sharah to his favorite place for dinner, in the evening. 

Micheal wore black and Sharah was in shinning red attire. She looked like a princess and Micheal couldn’t take his eyes off her. “Stop looking me in such a way”, Sharah was shy. She blushed.

“Who else could have seen this rare genuine exquisiteness?” Micheal flirted. Sharah smiled and gave a slight punch in his cheek. Micheal was busy staring her. 

After they dined together, the soft romantic music grew louder in the background. Everybody went to the dance floor with their beloved. Micheal quickly got into his knees and asked, “Will you dance with me, sweetheart?” Sharah broadened her lips. Micheal fell in love with that smile. He had never seen a girl so fine-looking before.

“Not that easy, Mister”, Sharah wanted to judge him. He scratched his head, compressed his nose and gave a confused smile. “One second, Missy”. He vanished.

“Crazy boy”, she whispered and smiled by biting her lips.

“For the most beautiful lady”, he appeared with a bunch of red roses.

“My poor guy, so sweet”, she chuckled and threw him a kiss. They went on the dance floor.

Micheal was a horrible dancer, yet he managed to dance okay. Micheal looked at her. He was speechless to see that sort of charm. They were, hand in hand, delightful. Micheal loved the way she looked that night. He had never seen such an enchanter before. Her soft hair was hanging down on her shoulder and he held her hands tightly. He adored the way she danced, her slow and sweet tangle just made him lose in her. He enjoyed the way she stared him with those pearl like eyes. He could see the ocean of love there, so peaceful and homely. The quick breath of her made him warm inside. He wanted time to freeze right there.

Night grew older and they decided to walk home. Sharah’s hands were around Micheal’s right arm and her head on his shoulder. They were walking at a slow pace with complete silence.

Micheal broke the silence, “Sharah?” “Hmm”, she replied as if she were thinking something. “This is the best day of my life. I have never had this feeling before. You made my day, sweetheart”, he mentioned. Both remained silent for a while. Micheal glanced at Sharah. She seemed lost. But Micheal did not notice that.

“Will you marry me, Sharah?” he asked her though she never admitted that she loved him. Sharah was startled. She took her hands away from his arm and she stopped. Micheal got scared. He thought he made a mistake. “Sharah, is something wrong?” he asked with a heavy heart.

Silence once again became dominant. Micheal waited for her to reply. He continued to stare her weirdly. “It is not that easy for me to love you, Micheal.” She replied in a compressed deep voice after a long break.

Micheal got serious, “Don’t you love me, Sharah?” Sharah preferred to remain unspoken. 

She was already disheartened by her beloved before. She didn’t want the same in spite of knowing Micheal would love her forever. She feared if she would lose Micheal in the same way she lost her ex. She thought of all the negatives and she did not want all those again. She just wanted to be free. Free like a bird and enjoy the beauty all around. But she could also not deny her love from him. She liked him too much. Micheal was a precious gem for her. She was just muddled. She couldn’t decide what was good for her. It was just the past that troubled her. The pictures of the past started to play in her mind. She glanced to Micheal, he looked wretched by her answer. She knew Micheal’s perfect for her. But it was the bygone that has been bothering her. She again glanced at Micheal, she did not want to lose him neither she wanted to hurt him.

 “Micheal”, she called him pouring all her love. Micheal pretended as if he has not heard anything. Sharah became too emotional and called even more sweetly, “Micheal?”

“Yes”, he answered without looking at her.

“Love is not always explained in words, it is elucidated by eyes too.” She poured her love for him. Tears flooded down from her eyes.

Micheal looked at her eyes, saw infinite love for him. He wiped her tears, hugged her and said, “I love you, love”
“I love you more, sweetheart.” She responded. They looked at each other. Micheal still seemed shy but Sharah appeared confident. Micheal blushed as it was his first kiss. Yet he managed to hold his nerves and went on to experience the bliss.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lifeless Breathing

The big enticing artistic clock hanging on the wall is singing its same old tic-tic song. It is never tired of that melody which has already irritated me from some time. A slight amount of sunlight from the gigantic sun is peeking through the small crack of the wall making some objects visible in this dark room, I am in. The mere sunlight that has come through is providing further evidence to the clock’s display that it is 11 of morning.

All I can see is the blurry image of the things. In spite of that, I can easily say that I am inside the room with medical facilities, thanks to the slight illumination of the sun which is making some medicines and bandages observable. Furthermore, I can also see the room is so messed up and the pathetic smell of the medicines to my nose is making me feel edgy.

I can’t sense my lower half. I can neither move my hands nor can I move the neck. I am fixed. I can perceive some wires connected to my chest and a bottle of saline water, hung in the stand near to me, is being emptied slowly which, I can vaguely say, has connection to my wrist. I am intuiting the sound of the instruments behind me but hardly can see them as my vision is limited to only direction that is forward. I am definitely sick. No doubt.

I am not sure who I am. I even don’t know my appearance.  If someone comes with my portrait asking if I know that very person, I would confidently say, “NO.” I do not know since when I am here and how many times I have actually gained this consciousness.  I am even unfamiliar with the time that I have gained this latest mindfulness. It was dark when I woke up, no sunlight was inspecting me from outside. Literally, I am awake from the night time and it is morning now; 11.05 is what clock says exactly.  And I am not stunned to not see anybody in this chamber from then.

If someone does come and notice my breath and my moving eyes, s/he would certainly be happy and claim that I have come to life. But I have a different notion. I would say,” The fact that I’m breathing does not mean I am living. It is just a small hint that I am not dead yet.”

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Painful Kiss

It was a wet day and so was her eye
As she was getting ready for a final goodbye
Her body was numb and she was so lost
For the boy was going abroad whom she loved the most

Departure was imminent; career was important too
He requested her to be patient, all the way through
She smiled and comforted him though she wanted to cry
Also, the boy was in pain as his eyes were not dry

She feared that the things wouldn’t be the same
As the distance could make their relationship lame
Deep down she knew she was filled with pessimism
And the boy was urging her to gain some optimism

She prayed to God for the betterment of their bond
To not see him gone, she really wanted to abscond
But the time came; she had to put her heart in a knife
And said him goodbye with the painful kiss of her life
With the most painful kiss of her life……………

स्मृति २

बाल्यकालको तस्वीर, मेरो बा, उहाँको कलिलो छोरो अनि पछाडी साइकलमा सवार कान्छो दाहाल, त्यो पहेंलो तोरीबारीमा कति खुलेका । त्यो भन्दा नि ख...