Wandering like a river
trying to pacify at some place
searching you all the time
but I still couldn't win the race

I remember where I first saw you
It was at the park
You were in a hustle
as it was nearly dark

Captivated by your charm
you took me out of the blue
Were you an angel or a princess?
Oh! I didn't have any clue

You went away from there
I felt like I lost my body part
The pain increased more
as you took away my heart

I wonder what my sin was
to have bestowed this pain
To wipe my flooding tears
will you show up once again?

I searched you everywhere
just to catch the glimpse of you
But all my efforts went in vein
as you left without leaving any cue

Standing at the same park
dreaming your presence at this place
I was smiling to myself
cherishing the bygones with a dismal face

I, then, looked up in despair
this time I saw the sign
The distance between us proved nothing
except how much I want to make you mine

I closed my eyes thinking you
saw your charming face with a spark
I then opened my eyes hastily
because I felt you coming in the park
coming in the park

YES...Finally u are back.....................


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