Sunday, July 18, 2010


You are miles away from me
We two are very apart
but still, I feel you inside
The Queen of my heart

The way you smile
just takes my breath away
I want to descry you
every single night and day

I smile in pain
and dance in shower
I smell you in the air
and see you in every flower

When the breeze touches you
and your hair flies
I just watch your beauty
without blinking my eyes

Gazing the twinkling stars
in the darkest night
I miss you more than ever
craving to hold you tight

When you are around me
it illuminates my earth
I become ecstatic
I experience the mirth

In this heart of mine,
you sowed a seed
To make it grow,
love is all I need

You are the only reason
the reason of my existence
No, I cannot live without you
I cannot withstand this distance

My life is attached to yours
Without you, it has no start
I want you to write my story

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