Why ain’t I a star and twinkle in your life?
To ease your chaos and elate you till I’m alive.
Why ain’t I the vivid flowers and enlarge pigment in your days?
And spread the sweet fragrances in each and every phase.

Why ain’t I a sparkling sun and remove all your gloominess?
To illuminate your entire world and to sow the root of happiness
Why ain’t I a light drizzle and make you dance?
Why can’t I make you wet and do romance?

Why ain’t I an exquisite moon when the sun is not around?
And why can’t I urge you to sing in a mellifluous sound?
I desire to be a soft breeze to caress you secretly in the cheek
And I would like to tickle you slowly to make you turn pink

Why ain’t I the shoulders where you can rest your head and cry?
And I hope to wipe the pearl like tear which passes by
Why ain’t I those holding hands to not make you feel alone?
Why can’t I be the birds to thrill you by singing in a silky tone?

Why ain’t I the one you dream of?
Why ain’t I your prince who you love?
I may not bestow you everything but few
All I want you to know is, “YOU ARE MY ANGEL AND I LOVE YOU”


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