(Closed eyes, stretching lips, smiling face, picture of her in the mind, feels like I am on cloud nine......)
That's what I experience whenever I lie down watching the twinkling stars under the blue moon. Cherishing the bygones, I start to smile and all of a sudden a sweet fragrance disturbs my nose which attracts me towards it. I start to follow it without caring anything around me. Dead silence (night) ruling over but that has no effect on me. On the meanwhile, cool winds caress my bare hands and neck which gives the sensation of her touch. I smile. 

I move around following the aroma. It feels like I am playing hide and seek with her and she has been deceiving me. I am so obsessed with her thoughts that I hear her whispering in my ears. I turn around.No one. I giggle. I bite my lips. I sit down. I can smell the odor closer to me. Subsequently, I feel like she is playing with my hair; messing it up. I feel seventh heaven. I close my eyes, I see her all around me. (I was following the scent and searching her outside but the fact was she was inside me..in my heart.) Though the physical bodies are miles apart, I can feel her inside. I can feel her beside me, with me(forever and ever). I just figured out that I was in love, true love indeed. I have found my ANGEL.....


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