Surrounded by woes, I was perched in terrace
In the meanwhile, the wind gained some pace
The darkest clouds started to hover around
And the thunderstorm cracked up in horrific sound
All the birds, in terror, acted insane
That’s when I experienced the first summer rain

The first caress of drizzle gave something to cherish
Gradually the extreme hotness started to perish
I felt the cloud nine to observe the peacock’s dance
The pond, nearby, reflected paradise as I saw the ducks’ romance
The dull lifeless city started to breathe again
It was heavenly to relish the first summer rain

All freshened up as if a new cosmos has just evolved
How could that striking scenario be left unloved?
The stream aside, was flowing high singing the sweet song
I could sense its ecstasy as it was bubbly after so long
Mesmerizing panorama made me forget my pain
A smile appeared in my face all of a sudden
Delighted to have bestowed the first summer rain


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