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sisneri..lalitpur..Nepal and some natural panorama



Big beautiful eyes, an exquisite smile
That amazing charm hypnotizes me awhile
Long curled hair and snow white teeth take my breath away
Her dulcet tone makes me think of her every night and day
Her batting eyelashes have an incredible power
That makes me smile alone and dance in shower

Her unique fragrance always seduces me
Her enchanting face is what I want to see
Nothing I can do when she is by my side
Her presence gives me the hint of paradise
She comes to me when I get stuck in agony
She takes my pain and grants me harmony

Her soft kiss on my cheek tickles me
Her long embrace provides me the greatest ecstasy
I watch her every now and then without letting her know
I am so in love with her that I just don’t want her to go
When she catches my hand and takes me with her
I just wish to freeze that moment forever

She comes in my dream and takes me to the cloudland
And we gaze around the beauty from where we stand
She starts to dance; I look her without flashing my eyes
And I adore the …


Surrounded by woes, I was perched in terrace In the meanwhile, the wind gained some pace The darkest clouds started to hover around And the thunderstorm cracked up in horrific sound All the birds, in terror, acted insane That’s when I experienced the first summer rain
The first caress of drizzle gave something to cherish Gradually the extreme hotness started to perish I felt the cloud nine to observe the peacock’s dance The pond, nearby, reflected paradise as I saw the ducks’ romance The dull lifeless city started to breathe again It was heavenly to relish the first summer rain
All freshened up as if a new cosmos has just evolved How could that striking scenario be left unloved? The stream aside, was flowing high singing the sweet song I could sense its ecstasy as it was bubbly after so long Mesmerizing panorama made me forget my pain A smile appeared in my face all of a sudden Delighted to have bestowed the first summer rain THE PERFECT FIRST SUMMER RAIN!!!!


Why ain’t I a star and twinkle in your life? To ease your chaos and elate you till I’m alive. Why ain’t I the vivid flowers and enlarge pigment in your days? And spread the sweet fragrances in each and every phase.
Why ain’t I a sparkling sun and remove all your gloominess? To illuminate your entire world and to sow the root of happiness Why ain’t I a light drizzle and make you dance? Why can’t I make you wet and do romance?
Why ain’t I an exquisite moon when the sun is not around? And why can’t I urge you to sing in a mellifluous sound? I desire to be a soft breeze to caress you secretly in the cheek And I would like to tickle you slowly to make you turn pink
Why ain’t I the shoulders where you can rest your head and cry? And I hope to wipe the pearl like tear which passes by Why ain’t I those holding hands to not make you feel alone? Why can’t I be the birds to thrill you by singing in a silky tone?
Why ain’t I the one you dream of? Why ain’t I your prince who you love? I may not bestow you everythin…


(Closed eyes, stretching lips, smiling face, picture of her in the mind, feels like I am on cloud nine......)
That's what I experience whenever I lie down watching the twinkling stars under the blue moon. Cherishing the bygones, I start to smile and all of a sudden a sweet fragrance disturbs my nose which attracts me towards it. I start to follow it without caring anything around me. Dead silence (night) ruling over but that has no effect on me. On the meanwhile, cool winds caress my bare hands and neck which gives the sensation of her touch. I smile. 
I move around following the aroma. It feels like I am playing hide and seek with her and she has been deceiving me. I am so obsessed with her thoughts that I hear her whispering in my ears. I turn around.No one. I giggle. I bite my lips. I sit down. I can smell the odor closer to me. Subsequently, I feel like she is playing with my hair; messing it up. I feel seventh heaven. I close my eyes, I see her all around me. (I was following t…