About me

Name:                             Bhaskar Dhakal
Nick-name:                     bhasu/bhasku/govinde(by dad) 
Nationality:                     Nepali
Sex:                               Male
Date of Birth:                 1990-08-24
Birth Place:                     Kathmandu, Nepal

Address:                         Ratna Marg,Koteshwor-35, Kathmandu, Nepal                     

E-mail id:                        bhaskar_dhakal@yahoo.com
Skype:                            bhaskar.dhakal
Hello:                            +977-9841687527
Interests:                        Writing, Travelling, Football, Movies, Musics and so on

Describing Myself:        I am a simple guy who has got a good sense of humour. Maybe not that handsome to lure by appearance but handsome with heart :)


How long can a thing bug you even after the umpteen attempts to let it go? Mahatma Gandhi said,"The weak can never forgive. Forgivenes...