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Let's fall in love again

Tell me softly,
the words that my heart craves to hear
from your magical lips;
which makes your words
a soothing lyrics
your talk,
a mellifluous song.

Sing me a song, honey.
Make me an insane lover
in this 'sane world'
where people calculate their steps
even while falling in love.
No sugar,
make me freefall deep in your love.
So deep that I find the root of your love
and bury it inside my heart.
We will perch in our utopia
and enjoy the sweet fruit together
when our love thrives.

Come away with me,
to the mountains of Nepal
where I'll play the traditional drum
and make you dance in
'नाचिदेउ मैच्यांग तिमी डम्फुको तालैमा' (dance lady, in the rhythm of drum)
Let's get wasted drinking the local alcohol
and make love while the Mount Everest guards for us.
Come away with me
to the islands of Hawaii,
where I'll play the ukulele
and sing you your favourite song,
'all of me loves all of you'
and give the whole new meaning
to the romantic sunset of Haw…