Just when the whole nation was rocked
by the imminent election,
there appeared a leader.
Out of the thousands, he looked different.
He seemed to have greater vision.
A different face, young and vibrant,
looked like a new ray of hope
in an ill-fated country.

His speech was unequivocal
and his manifesto, sweet as honey.
No wonder everybody fell for him.
What choices did the poor people have?
Each of their previous leaders either cheated them
with their corruptness, greed and fraud
or came with the unworkable boondoggle.
Oh! What a tragedy.
They could hardly trust the old faces, the lame ducks.
They needed a change, a healthy change,
which they saw in that new leader.

They have seen their leaders trying
to smash the unity they had,
puncture the harmonious creeds
they respected of one another.
Wrong propaganda, filthy agenda,
stinking business in the name of politics,
unfulfilled vows and fight for the post to do nothing.
People were fed up with them, the shameless morons.
Tens and hundreds of parties were formed
and not even one took the leap for the people.
Wasn’t government supposed to be for the people
according to Abraham Lincoln?
Or that was limited to only USA?

Namastes, hellos and handshakes
only in the time of election were not enough.
Public needed their service every now and then.
They expected more from their leaders.
Constant declination of economic conditions,
dropping of HDI and GDP, trade deficit, human trafficking,
insecurity, unemployment, food-deficits and many more,
this is where leaders were supposed to act upon.
Sadly not one of them, had their say on these.
Only politicians’ condition went uphill, victims condition worsened.

This is why; people were searching the new face
to heal their deep cuts of their leaders’ betrayal.
And there the new ambitious one appeared,
as a glowing star at the darkest night,
making people believe that he was ready for a fight.
He was voted with the maximum votes as he kissed the victory.
People jeered the old ones and cheered their new groundbreaker.
They expected him to lead the country to the right path.

But alas! Days, weeks and months passed.
There was no any progress that the country needed.
People went to the road- boos, roars and hisses
their main weapon against their new man.
The whole country was in absolute pandemonium.
Instantly, they were lathicharged, gun-downed and jailed
by their so called new young leader, the new hope.
And right then,
they knew the future of their country was in havoc
when they saw their leader was locked in his incognito.


  1. You should add "Reality" to the labels.

    And yes, it is great. But what was his incognito? Not doing anything in spite of his agenda or giving false hopes all along?

  2. @ankit: Thank you for your great words that motivated me.

    Yes, his false identity was his incognito. His manifesto, his agendas were all his false identity or say a show off just to get the votes. At last, he turned out to be a fraud just like the other. There, public realized his incognito :)

  3. Yeah OK. And for our sake, lets not hope that all our election candidates turn out this way. ;)

  4. Yeah let's not hope that :)
    May this be fiction, just fiction :D

  5. The idea and the presentation is great regarding the present context of our nation.
    Cheers mate :)


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