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Grievous Separation

A horrific thunderbolt hit me right at my chest. Oh! what an assault. A hundred carafes of poison or the thousand rounds of bullets would have hurt less than the pain it caused when you abandoned me.
But, I tried to deal with it. ‘Move on’, I urged my inner me. ‘I am not a loser. Quitting is never an option’, I tried to pacify the anguish. It did not aid. The palpable twinge troubled more; aww! my delicate heart.
To sweep away the woe, I pact with the booze. Alas! Every sip of the nasty tipple ousted heavy flood from my shuddering eyes. I could tell you , love, that was quite a sight.
Still the heart pounding, the excruciating truth, still unsolved. I banged my liquor’s glass in sheer dismay. Sane enough to halt the bleeding from the wound, I searched the bandage. Sadly, the wound was in heart, Tissue would not help.

 - Bhaskar Dhakal

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Valentine’s Day Promise

This Valentine’s Day, I will not promise you the twinkling stars or the dreamily shimmering blue moon. No, don’t get me wrong, My love, But, I will not promise all those fantasies, that I cannot really gift you.
But, I will vow to love you till the eternity And make you realize
howspecial you are.
And you’ll crave for no cloudland. Because my love will be your Only euphoria. And I will promise you Honesty, love, trust and happiness.
I will not promise you the bed of roses only. For I know every rose comes with its thorn. Life can be cruel at times and I promise at those harsh moments, I will be the last person to leave you alone.
What good are the big vows, when one fails to bestow even a simple smile? What good are the big crystal moon and the twinkling stars when you have eclipse in your heart and misery in your eyes? Today, my dear, the world has failed to realize that happiness comes from within.
So sweetheart, I will not promise you only the happy days ahead. For life is the blend of ecstasy and agony. But I will assure …