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How can I still love you?

How can I love you
when you don’t love me?
Like everybody,
I am a human
And I have a heart,
a selfish heart
which wants me to be happy
Is it possible to love you selflessly?
I don’t know….

Lying in the ground,
If I stare at the sky
and the merrily flickering
white clouds,
I think of you.
And, when the cloud flows
with the help of zephyr
forming your sketch
in the colossal blue canvas,
I adore the view
that leads me to you.

At the nights,
as the cricket sings outside,
I remember the cool autumn nights
when I used to sing
love songs for you.
My voice used to pierce
the soft part of your heart
and with teary eyes; you
used to kiss me at the
pale moon light.
Ah! My love,
that was my paradise.

And Now,
My heart shivers in pain
because it misses you,
your divine touch of
your lips on mine,
and the  warmth of
your soul.
My trembling body
rushes towards the window,
and I gaze the shimmering
stars and the glistening
Each reminds me of you.

But how can I keep on
loving …


Nothingness hovering, emptiness all around but memories of you fill the life you are not here, there is no sound but your feelings within are rife
No perfume of your in the air neither your laughter has rung but I have always sensed you here Enjoyed your thought like a sweet song
Your warm breath is no way near But I can feel your affection within Memories of you gift me a tear And also the lovely sudden grin
It matters not how vacant is the place or without you how my heart is pounding Always in my mind you’ll spread the grace Forever you will be the angel of my surrounding