When I am with you

When I am with you, your smile just takes my breath away
you spread such grace & magnificence that no wealth could every pay
I love the way how you guide me to the cloud nine
And I relish every moment when our hearts intertwine

When I am with you,  I get rid of the usual ‘gloomy’ me
each of the desolations bolts and all I feel is glee
The stars, the moon, the flowers, the breeze
all offer lovely meanings and they start to please

When I am with you, I just long to be lost
in your arms, in your realm for I love you the most
If I am to choose, the best of the things for me
today, tomorrow and forever, that will always be thee

When I am with you, nothing in the world matters
but when you walk away, my utopian land shatters
The dream of the future that I savored spoils in my mind
And abruptly the merry land transforms into a different kind.

When I am with you, I want time to freeze
and we can cuddle all day & night under the trees
the taste of your lips, the warmth of your embrace
they take me to the seventh heaven, oh what a  grace

When I am with you, I feel paradise as I see myself in thee
you become my motivation to achieve the goals as gigantic as sea
When I am with you, you make me do the best
And that helps me win the world by forgetting the rest

When I am with you, I feel complete……………..


  1. way to go !
    At times so lovely, so nice.
    Well done =)


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