Saturday, January 22, 2011

A clueless lover

It was the first anniversary of our connection
And what an astounding reward she gave
She came up with the shocking declaration
Which was apparent on parting our ways

The dreams that I fostered over the year,
Were shattered within a single night
She abandoned without listening a word
Giving not a chance to make it right

I was left with the flower in my hand,
My eyes towards her, knees on the sand
But she never turned back to see my pain
And kept on walking forcing the tears’ rain

Every night I drank the tears to sleep
Missing the taste of her warm breathe
So obsessed with the memories I did keep
Very hard to get over, it is her all I need

Bemoaned by the sudden walk of hers
I wonder why did that happen to me?
Was it because of somebody’s curse?
Or did I hurt her which I failed to see?

Many of my words got stuck inside
The detachment is what I cannot abide
Still I ask to God every single night
To again make my world so alright

I sob at times watching the old picture
With she gone, this world has nothing to offer
I recall the time how insanely we loved one another
Believing that she’ll come back to end my suffer
And again,We shall make this place better together

Saturday, January 8, 2011


How long can a thing bug you even after the umpteen attempts to let it go? Mahatma Gandhi said,"The weak can never forgive. Forgivenes...