I think I hurt you though I didn't mean to do so
Will you please forgive me and let that go?
I have always wanted the cute smile in your face
But today, the smile is gone because of my carelessness

You always held my hands in my bad days
Now, You don't need my shoulder in your sad days
Oh girl! don't you know how much I adore you?
I want to hug you now and say I love you.

You have gone so far that no one knows
I am still waiting for you carrying a red rose
But it seems you have forgotten all our past memories
Now I can do nothing except regretting the things I did

Your one smile used to illuminate my day
Since you are gone, my day starts in a gloomy way
But I still see the light of hope far-far away
that you will forgive me and come back one day......


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