Gloominess all around me
I could see no light
The pain is ruling, tears are flooding

I know there is no way I can fight.

I scream, I cry, I hit the walls
but all I get is woe
I curse my fate, sit in disgrace
having nothing to do.

They dragged me in this ocean of chaos
blaming me that I committed a crime
Now I can do nothing
except to sit and hymn

They smashed my face real hard
and thwacked my jaw
They made me naked on those frigid nights
for breaking their law.

They tortured me all night long
just to make me accept the sin
I had no any alternatives left
except to agree and lean.

I had no evidence of being innocent
So I accepted the crime
For I could not bear the grief
that they gave me every time.

Now, I am waiting for that day to come
when the ropes embrace my neck
I will then fly freely in the air
with no pains to take.


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