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Motivating the son

After you came to the world, my sweet little son.. I taught u how to walk Now you are ready to run
Life is not very easy, hey, You will find hurdles in your way…
You were as little as five pounds, when I first lifted you.. You could reach the summit, That’s the only thing I knew.
Now the moment has come, to rumble by your own Never go off the track which I have always shown
Papa, papa you used to query, “When will I be as big as you?” With a big smirk in my face, being proud, I used to cuddle you
You’ll know one day when you become a father, Having a son like you is eternal glee to gather.

When you first failed in the class, you were so afraid of me. But I never lost my patience with you for your intelligence is all I could see.
Come; show the world you can shine at your best I will be your inspiration but you will have to do the rest


“I love you, love”
“I love you more, sweetheart”
They hugged each other feeling the seventh heaven in each other’s arm. It was certain that their first kiss was coming. They looked at each other’s eyes. She appeared confident while he (Micheal) seemed a little shy as this was his first kiss. He blushed but he held his nerve and went on to experience the bliss.
“Tring…zzzzzzzzzzz…..Tring/………..zzzzz ………..Tring”The cell phone on the table started to sing and dance. “Oh Jesus!” he cried, wiped his eyes and glanced the clock-8AM. He hastily picked the phone up. “Hello……………” (Phone disconnected)He smiled. “Wow”, he said remembering the dream he dreamt about his first kiss. He gasped and talked to himself,”Micheal dude, You better get dressed up and hurry.”


Moon was shining at its best proving it was a full moon night. Dogs were barking and the sound of a metal from the workshop nearby was distinct. A crowd of teenagers were partying around when the clock exactly struck 11 PM.…

Lifeless Breathing

The big enticing artistic clock hanging on the wall is singing its same old tic-tic song. It is never tired of that melody which has already irritated me from some time. A slight amount of sunlight from the gigantic sun is peeking through the small crack of the wall making some objects visible in this dark room, I am in. The mere sunlight that has come through is providing further evidence to the clock’s display that it is 11 of morning.
All I can see is the blurry image of the things. In spite of that, I can easily say that I am inside the room with medical facilities, thanks to the slight illumination of the sun which is making some medicines and bandages observable. Furthermore, I can also see the room is so messed up and the pathetic smell of the medicines to my nose is making me feel edgy.
I can’t sense my lower half. I can neither move my hands nor can I move the neck. I am fixed. I can perceive some wires connected to my chest and a bottle of saline water, hung in the stand …

The Painful Kiss

It was a wet day and so was her eye As she was getting ready for a final goodbye Her body was numb and she was so lost For the boy was going abroad whom she loved the most
Departure was imminent; career was important too He requested her to be patient, all the way through She smiled and comforted him though she wanted to cry Also, the boy was in pain as his eyes were not dry
She feared that the things wouldn’t be the same As the distance could make their relationship lame Deep down she knew she was filled with pessimism And the boy was urging her to gain some optimism
She prayed to God for the betterment of their bond To not see him gone, she really wanted to abscond But the time came; she had to put her heart in a knife And said him goodbye with the painful kiss of her life With the most painful kiss of her life……………


गगनबाट असिना बर्सेझैं तिम्रा ती नयन बाट आँशु झर्दा
तिम्रा ती चोटहरुको मलम हुन सक्दिन म

जीवन को अँध्यारो पलमा तिमीले बत्तिको सहारा खोज्दा
आफु जलेर उज्यालो छर्न सक्दिन म

म त केवल तिम्रो सुखमा साथ् दिने स्वार्थी हुँ
तिम्रा दुखमा तिमीलाई ज्यान दिन सक्दिन म

भयो, मेरो सामु न आउ तिमी, नराख म बाट आशा
आफ्नो हाँसो दाउमा राखी तिमीलाई हसाउन सक्दिन म

क्षणभरमै पवनसंग बग्दै डांडा काट्ने बादल हूँ म
तिम्रा दुख पखाल्ने बर्सात दिन सक्दिन म

संसारमा मृत्युको भय बोकी म पनि आएकै छु
तिमीलाई झुटो आस्वासन दिन सक्दिन म
आफु मरेर तिमीलाई जीवन दिन सक्दिन म ll

Time changes but not the love

After all this time when I saw you, my heart beat in a faster rate. Nothingness started to subjugate me and all I could do is gaze....
I remembered the bygone, we shared, when we used to be so together. But now the time has changed, and you are with some other.
Seeing you gone, was hard for me I couldn't resist the pain Now, that you are in front of me, there is nothing to gain
I have always loved you and i will continue doing so But the person, you are with, won't be liked by me, though.
There was so much to talk about, But this was not the desired situation to be I had no words for you to start neither did you have for me
For an instance, we talked through eyes and I felt you missed me more You closed them letting the tears flow I was pinched and my heart tore
Every single drop of your tears Revealed the abundant love for me Your slow soft touch in my hand Provided a much awaited glee
Breaking the silence I dared to speak that you were as graceful as ever Subsequently turning the head away Staring the wal…


I would like to be a bird and fly in the sky

Slowly disappearing in the horizon where I could reach very high

And be so far from everyone that nobody could see me cry

I would like to be a bird and fly in the sky